Being in the transformational space is about building relationships. It takes time to help your clients get the best results possible.  

So how do you quickly interest people in something they might not get right away?  

You need the right freebies to capture their interest and make them eager to work with you! 

What People Are Saying

“I overfilled my retreat with clients who came from Facebook ads!”

“I overfilled my August retreat with clients who came from Facebook ads. I wasn’t sure how it would go as I had changed my retreat content AND my strategy for attracting participants. Well… it was off the charts amazing. Net, I am waiting on one last contract to be signed, which will make it a $240K retreat. Without sales calls.

Darla LeDoux, Aligned Entrepreneurs

I expected about $80K in sales and it ended up at something like $126K!”

“We did an internal soft launch in April that was one of my BEST internal launches ever, totally blew my projections out of the water (I expected about 80K in sales and it ended up at something like 126K), in no small part due to the FB marketing we did. Pamela saved my bacon by alerting me to a serious “gotcha” that literally, would have tanked my launch. Her team has also kept ahead of the Facebook curve, pro-actively problem-solving a lot.”

Elizabeth Purvis, Goddess Business School

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